uForte OPC Historian

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 About OPC
"uForte OPC Server Development Kit" is a fine product, it has been extremely successful in the implementations we have used it in Coating Control and Mill Control."
Ned Scopulovic, Senior Systems Engineer at Hatch IAS


"UForte OPC Historian" archives data from OPC DA servers and makes them available to OPC HDA clients. It can be configured to collect data from many OPC servers simultaneously. Servers and items are specified in the configuration of "OPC Historian" by the user. "OPC Historian" is persistent to uncertainties in OPC servers. It doesn't matter if some server stops or fails - "OPC Historian" closes all connections to this server and establishes new ones (if it is possible or repeats attempts until failed connection will be restored). Data from OPC servers are stored in a DB in a serialized format. This allows to process many thousand OPC items at a time.

"OPC Historian" is an OPC HDA server (spec. 1.2) which gives an access to the historic data of the configured items. Also, historic data can be retrieved with GUI of "OPC Historian" and saved into xml file. XML is very popular format which is supported by many vendors, e.g. you can load this xml file into Microsoft Office Excel to analyze data, build plots etc.

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